dive: 26


dive: 28

dive #: 27 date: 5 October 1993 time: 10:50

   Coral Bay, AU / Beach

max. depth: 4.0 m
dive time: 110 min



Weather clear, hot, westerly breeze.
Sea calm.

Really gorgeous spot.
White sand beach, clear water.
Water a bit cooler than what we've dove in before, but wore long sleeve, pant wetsuits for first time--nice and cozy!
5 weights provided neutral buoyancy at 4 m.
Evident cyclone damage to coral, but new bits sometimes only 20 cm long protruded past dead bits.

staghorn coral forest, also some plate and cone corals, mostly blue with some yellow, green and purple colors.
scorpion fish (25 cm)
pipe fish (also, one black, one with more feather fins, like a sea horse)
catfish (70-80 cm) with thick whiskers and tail like an eel, black
lots of wrasses and parrot fish
giant clams, of course
one black sea urchin

B: Boat path buoys
I: Starting to get deeper and interesting out here

buddy: Yves Maumary


visibility: 10.0 m
water temp.: 20 C
air temp.: 34 C
current: none
workload: resting


suit: Farmer John ( 0 lbs)

weight notes:


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dive: 26


dive: 28