dive: 28


dive: 30

dive #: 29 date: 6 October 1993 time: 8:15

   Coral Bay, AU / Outer Reef

max. depth: 25.2 m
dive time: 35 min


Deep Dive
Boat: M.V. Ningaloo
Computer: Suunto Companion (not as nice as Uwatec, max and cur depth alternated, very annoying)

Weather clear.
Sea calm.

Lots of surge drove up sediment so viz poor, but fun to bob about in surge.

large lion fish (60 cm)
huge turtle (1 m). She had her head stuck in a hole so all we could see was her bum.
large angle fish of several shapes, colors and sizes
sea whips and gorgonians, otherwise coral was fairly dead
cave with lots of fish
silver-yellow with black longitudinal stripes (40 cm)

Actually, my dive buddy was Lee (Leonia?) but she wasn't around when I pulled the log out. She works in a dive shop on the High St. Mall in Perth called West Coast.

buddy: Yves Maumary


visibility: 5.0 m
water temp.: 23 C
air temp.: 34 C
current: none
workload: resting


suit: Farmer John ( 0 lbs)

weight notes:

tank 1: air ( AIuminum 80 ( 84 liter aluminium) @ 214 bar - 0 bar)


  depth     time     runtime     gas  

dive: 28


dive: 30