dive: 65


dive: 67

dive #: 66 date: 20 May 2000 time: 10:35

   Monterey, CA / Whaler's Cove

max. depth: 10.5 m
dive time: 29 min


Diving Singles
Boat: Ian's

Weather alternating sunny/foggy.
Sea calm mostly, w/surge in shallows.
S: sand channel
P: pinnacle w/kelp

Ian dropped off Paul and I, and we swam along the western wall.
Paul is a fast swimmer. Also very patient when one is one hour late.
21 people.
Party at Joy's afterwards.
Home at 2. Great day.

solitary tunicate (cnemedocarpa finsmarkiensis)

surf: -
no deco: -

buddy: Paul Quinn


visibility: 10.0 m
water temp.: 10 C
air temp.: 19 C
current: none
workload: resting


suit: Body Glove Nozip/Vest ( 20 lbs)

weight notes:
computer: Suunto Favor

tank 1: air ( Steel 72 ( 0 liter steel) @ 170 bar - 0 bar)


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dive: 65


dive: 67