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dive #: 71 date: 28 May 2000 time: 9:09

   Monterey, CA / Hopkin's Deep

max. depth: 22.7 m
dive time: 30 min


Boat: Monterey Express

Bruce Watkins on board.

Weather morning fog, later sunny, light breeze, nice.
Sea large waves so stayed in bay, surface rough, no surge, slight current.

Lots of Metridiums!
Many new nudibranchs
Really need to write down descriptive details.
Pete ruptured eardrum going down, so had to pass on second dive. Blood coming from ear but no pain.
Still getting a bit chilly at depth, but balmy in warm surface layer.
Plankton enjoying warmth too. Viz down to 2 m there.
Embarrassing: Mask strap fell off just as I was going in. Weight belt so loose it felt like it was coming off. Mask fixed on board, belt tightened in water.
Pete took photos. Fun to spot things for him.

surf: -
no deco: 14

buddy: Pete


visibility: 10.0 m
water temp.: 12 C
air temp.: 18 C
current: none
workload: resting


suit: Body Glove Nozip/Vest ( 20 lbs)

weight notes:
computer: Suunto Favor

tank 1: air ( AIuminum 80 ( 84 liter aluminium) @ 214 bar - 0 bar)


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dive: 70


dive: 72