dive: 124


dive: 126

dive #: 125 date: 21 September 2005 time: 11:59

   Monterey, CA / Granite Point Wall

max. depth: 24.0 m
dive time: 41 min


Took a couple of passes looking for whale bones. Didn't find them. Henry found a tire though. Transversed the Granite Point Wall instead. Usual critters. A fairly large and dead hydrocoral had been dislodged and was standing on its head in the sand.

Diving with new fleece pants and dry gloves. Was significantly underweighted at safety-stop.

surf: -
no deco: 7 min
avg: 12.7

buddy: Henry Liu


visibility: 5.0 m
water temp.: 12 C
air temp.: 18 C
current: light
workload: moderate


suit: Mobby's Armor Shell Pro ( 15 lbs)

weight notes: Light

tank 1: air ( Steel 100 ( 100 liter steel) @ 240 bar - 60 bar)


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dive: 124


dive: 126