dive: 140


dive: 142

dive #: 141 date: 11 December 2005 time: 12:46

   Monterey, CA / McAbee Beach

max. depth: 18.1 m
dive time: 58 min


We swam a 330 heading towards the marked off area in front of the Aquarium. We swam over sand. Through kelp. Through cornflakes. A small ling cod just lying in the sand. We saw what looked like power cables all over the place and finally saw a camera on a tripod aimed at a rock. I smiled for the camera. Paul, evidently disgusted by the conditions, turned around but Scott B. and I continued. Moments later the visibility opened up and we saw metridiums, a 6" red abalone, cowry, spanish shawl (my first), a small chain (although not something you want to lock your bike with as the links were one inch thick) and a larger chain with two inch links. Off in the distance, a sea lion buzzed by. On the entire surface swim back to the beach, one of those friendly harbor seals chewed on my fins. Meanwhile, a sea otter preened himself on a dive float or small kayak. Great dive!

surf 1:54
no deco 27 min
avg 10.8 m

buddy: Scott Brown


visibility: 10.0 m
water temp.: 12 C
air temp.: 16 C
current: light
workload: light


suit: Mobby's Armor Shell Pro ( 22 lbs)

weight notes: Good

tank 1: air ( Steel 100 ( 100 liter steel) @ 240 bar - 50 bar)


  depth     time     runtime     gas  

dive: 140


dive: 142