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dive #: 145 date: 11 July 2006 time: 10:49

   Monterey, CA / Cannery Point Wall

max. depth: 25.4 m
dive time: 54 min


Stellar dive with huge viz. Mostly ignored the small stuff and checked out the kelp and rockfish and sun streaming through.

Explored cove behind Cannery Point Wall. Could see the blue water of Bluefish Cove over shallows where Scott spotted the huge head of what must have been a huge ling cod. Most of cove about 5 m. Then dropped over and swam out along wall and then back to sand channel.

Got a bit disoriented and a bit anxious. Was warm, maybe narced; stressor was a bit of condensation in mask and wondering where the sand channel was. Had to surface to check (1 min from 10 m to surface).

10.8 m avg
16 no deco
- surf

buddy: Scott Brown


visibility: 20.0 m
water temp.: 10 C
air temp.: 16 C
current: none
workload: resting


suit: Mobby's Armor Shell Pro ( 24 lbs)

weight notes: Perfect w/300 fleece
computer: Suunto Favor

tank 1: air ( Steel 100 ( 100 liter steel) @ 240 bar - 30 bar)


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dive: 144


dive: 146