North Dome

Kings Canyon--September 7, 2008

We drove into Kings Canyon proper this morning in the haze of the smoke from the Tehipite fire. First we drove around the valley floor and took in all the sights.

We then hiked up the Hotel Creek Trail out to the Ceder Grove Overlook and then came down the Lewis Creek Trail. It was very hot and both of us blew through our three liters of water. Lori got a slight touch of heat exhaustion at the bottom, but quickly revived with some AC and agua.

We took a short excursion to the Roaring River Falls.

We hiked the Zumwalt Meadow Trail.

And then we headed back to Grant Grove, stopping often to enjoy the sheer cliffs. The smoke was not nearly as bad as it was in the morning.

No grasshoppers were harmed in the making of this web page.

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