Lori and coral

Sun, Roatan—December, 2009

At last, the sun came out! We were now comfortably warm the rest of the week.

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Mr. Bud Wreck (Wednesday, 2009-12-23)

Mr. Bud was our first dive on a wreck. The visibility was good, and there were interesting things to see on the reef around the wreck. I saw a ray slide away as we descended. There was a large moray eel hiding inside the ship, but otherwise, the wreck was too new to have much life on it. There was a pretty good current that we had to work against at times.

Our man Ted was back with us today.

Gold Chain Reef (Wednesday, 2009-12-23)

I loved the dive at Gold Chain Reef. The viz was good, the dive was long (67 minutes), and there was lots of staghorn and elkhorn coral at the safety stop that reminded me of the diving in Australia.

Denise found some cleaner shrimp in the sand and spent the entire dive enticing them to come out and clean her hand, or photograph other people doing so. The rest of the week, Ted offered to show her other sandy areas.

Mary’s Place (Wednesday, 2009-12-23)

We returned to Mary’s Place for a night dive, Lori's first! There were tons of basket stars out. And luminescense. We also found the elusive sea horse. This was the first dive that we had other divers with us.

Pirate's Point (Thursday, 2009-12-24)

Heading up to our safety stop, I spotted a nurse shark resting in a sand channel! Unfortunately, it bugged out before I could turn on my camera. (At least, I think it was this dive—I didn't write it down!)

We spent our surface interval at CoCo View. Rich, who used to be a divemaster there, gave us a tour of their dive operations, including their several boats that could each take out 30 divers. 30 divers! It made me very happy to be on Barefoot Divers' boats with 4 or 6.

Valley of the Kings (Thursday, 2009-12-24)

The Valley of the Kings was a light drift dive with lots of life. It was one of our favorites.

Prince Albert Wreck (Thursday, 2009-12-24)

Ted was scheduled to instruct some dive students, so we dived with Giaco for the first time on our last dive to the Prince Albert wreck. The wreck was teeming with life. For the benefit of a couple of others that joined us who had already seen the wreck, we also dived a wall before we encountered the wreck. This proved fruitful as I saw a nudibranch and Denise saw a scorpionfish.

Christmas Eve (Thursday, 2009-12-24)

That evening, we were treated to a native African dance performace and were invited to participate.

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