Legend has it that these sea stacks called Reynisdrangar off the coast of Vík were trolls that were turned to stone

Holtsdalur, Vík, Dyrhólaey, Iceland—August, 2013

Hike along the Holtsdalur canyon (Sunday, 2013-08-25)

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We took a short hike along a very scenic canyon. It wasn't raining that hard.

Visiting Vík (Sunday, 2013-08-25)

We took refuge in a cave to eat lunch out of the rain. The beach here was amazingly vast. I walked out towards the water at least five minutes and as you can see from the map, I was nowhere near the coast.

We then drove past Gunnar's old home to Vík and then walked along the coast and visited the local wool and clothing shop.

Walk around Dyrhólaey (Sunday, 2013-08-25)

We finally had our first sunny hike at Dyrhólaey, the southernmost tip of Iceland.

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