The entire Gullfoss waterfall

Gullfoss, Geysir, Reykjadalur, Iceland—August, 2013

Glorious Gullfoss falls (Tuesday, 2013-08-27)

We first stopped at the huge Gullfoss waterfall.

Walk around Geysir (Tuesday, 2013-08-27)

We then walked around Geysir park.

Lunch at Friðheimar (Tuesday, 2013-08-27)

This is the rift valley where the Atlantic and Pacific plates meet so there are lots of earthquakes here. Homes are heated with their own thermal source. Most greenhouses are here too. We took a tour of the Friðheimer greenhouse where we had delicious tomato soup.

Soaking in the warm stream of Reykjadalur (Tuesday, 2013-08-27)

Finally, we made a short 4 mi hike to a warm stream where we bathed for half an hour.

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