Tahoe - August, 2006

Once again, Lori and I took off to Lake Tahoe for a long weekend at my brother's condo for some R & R and hiking along the Tahoe Rim Trail. This time we drove up Thursday night and took it easy on Friday instead of going up Friday, dealing with traffic, and hiking first thing the next morning.

The Vegging

Yes, we moved very slowly on Friday as we let our bodies become accustomed to the altitude which really affected us this time. We drank coffee and read. We took a short hike on a trail along the road near John's condo. After lunch, we found a secluded beach and read and swam. Along the shore, the water was surprisingly warm (for Tahoe). As usual, we hit Jason's for dinner.

The Hike

The weather was perfect--temperature in the 70s. Great day for a hike! This year we drove up the road to the Martis Peak Lookout and then hiked out to Rose Knob Peak (map).

I had remembered the location of the trailhead incorrectly and drove past the lookout along a track that got increasingly bad with rocks over a foot high. We backed out of that one and popped into the fire lookout for directions. (Who says guys don't ask for directions?)

The wife of the lookout, Sandy, was just about to take the same hike herself, so we drove her to the trailhead and she hiked to the base of Mt. Baldy with us.

Lori and I continued on to Rose Knob Peak where we bouldered up the last bit to a knob just below the peak itself and had lunch. On the way back, we played in some snow which was surprisingly prevalent for so late in the season.

Upon returning, we relaxed in the condo's pool and hottub, which we had to ourselves. After showering--you guessed it!--we had dinner at Jason's.


Sunday was a repeat of Friday which means we emphasized chilling. We drank coffee and read, took a short hike in the neighborhood, ate lunch, and went down to the same spot at the lake. Afterward, we cleaned up the condo, ate dinner at Casa Baeza in Truckee, and drove home.

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