Pillar at Sanborn Park Hostel

Sanborn Earthquake Trail—September, 2008

On this hike we explored the earthquake trail at the Sanborn County Park described by Phil Stoffer in his USGS publication, Where's the San Andreas Fault?. The section of the pub that covers this hike, 6. Earthquake Trail, Sanborn County Park: A Geology Hike Along the San Andreas Fault is found on p. 51 in the South Bay section (N.B. 16 MB PDF).

We found Post A easy enough, but we couldn't find Post B initially. Phil said it was north of the bathroom, but we just found the patio in the fairy ring and the pond with the redwoods that were connected in three places.

We blundered along and walked right by Stop 1 but eventually found Stop 13. We ended up doing most of the hike backwards, which made it more difficult to find the next stop and follow the descriptions. I'm therefore putting the photos in the order we should have taken them to help you find your way.

The photos are pretty boring. They serve to complement Phil's publication and show you the trail. Oh, and the trail is documented as 2.5 miles, but with all the reconnoitering, my GPS actually read 5 miles when we were done.

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