Miscellaneous Shots—2009

This page contains a collection of miscellaneous photos shot throughout the year.

Halloween (Saturday, 2009-10-31)

Lori's costume was "Swine Flu." View.

Cathi & Sean's Wedding (Saturday, 2009-05-24)

Bill looking a little deformed at Cathi & Sean's wedding party

Here's a shot from Cathi & Sean's wedding party. View.

SOC Star Party (Saturday, 2009-04-25)

Sean did a wonderful job planning a SOC star party. Sadly, the weather up at the Montebello Open Space Preserve did not cooperate and fog obscured the heavens and froze us to the bone. But the burger and beer at the Alpine Inn were tasty, and Sean managed to spot the rings of Saturn (and three moons) and M65 and M66 in Leo when the fog relented, if but for an instant. View.

Tour de Ames (Wednesday, 2009-04-22)

The map of the Tour de Ames

The map of the Tour de Ames

Today was the first annual Tour de Ames. Apparently, I came in 13th out of about 75 folks in the first group. There were about 100 riders in the second, easy-going, group.

Due to construction, the counter-clockwise circuit around the entire base was abandoned. The actual course was twice around the airstrip, clockwise. I thought that made for a better course since it would give spectators more to look at.

Snow! (Friday, 2009-02-13)

It snowed, which gave me a good excuse to try out my new telephoto lens. The focus isn't that good. I wonder if the auto-focus has a hard time with the lens, or whether it is a problem with the lens, or whether it is an inherit weakness with this setup. Maybe I should try manual focus. Sadly, I hadn't noticed that I was still in ISO 400 mode from some earlier playing, so there's a noticeable bit of grain. View.

Voyager Night (Wednesday, 2009-02-04)

These were shot by Neal Menschel using the telephoto lens on the G9 I had just purchased. View.

Release 5.0: 100 Days of System Test (2009-01-26 - 2009-02-10)

These are photos of the Kepler SOC in January and February as we readied the SOC pipeline for launch. View Chris Middour's photos on Picasa.

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