A scenic view to the southwest

Saratoga Gap—July, 2009

Lori and I took a nice pre-Fourth-of-July hike on a favorite trek of Wallace Stegner. Mike and Jen from the backpacking class we took earlier (see Henry Coe, and George Lake) and Milon joined us. We started at the parking lot at the junction of highways 35 and 9, headed up north through Saratoga Gap OSP, crossed Skyline and continued up north through the Long Ridge OSP.

There is a stone bench dedicated to Stegner along this track which has a gorgeous view. While Lori and I have had dinner there during a docent-led night night, it was far too hot today so we retreated to the cool of the forest for lunch.

After enjoying the captions below, you can view larger versions of the photos by clicking on them. You can see even larger versions of the photos by viewing the slideshow in full screen (F11). You can also view the photos on a map, or download the GPS tracks for the hike.

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