SOFIA flight 100 crew

SOFIA/GREAT flights from Palmdale—April, 2013

I spent 10 days in Palmdale this April to support the first GREAT flights of 2013. Lots of long days on the flights and providing hotfixes for problems that surfaced. I only took one day off to go hiking at the Vasquez Rocks.

After enjoying the captions below, you can view larger versions of the photos by clicking on them. You can see even larger versions of the photos by viewing the slideshow in full screen (F11).

Around Palmdale and the DAOF (Sunday, 2013-04-07)

Most of these photos (except for the last) were actually taken on previous trips. The DAOF is the Dryden Aircraft Operations Facility.

My first flight (Thursday, 2013-04-11)

Vasquez Rocks Hike (Sunday, 2013-04-14)

I took a day off to do some hiking at Vasquez Rocks where many movies have been filmed, including the original Star Trek episode (Arena) where Kirk fought the Gorn. I have to see that one again.

Last flight (Tuesday, 2013-04-16)

Home away from home (Wednesday, 2013-04-10)

The Hilton Garden Inn might be my new favorite hotel in Palmdale. The rooms facing the north have relatively nice views that aren't just another parking lot, the rooms are quiet, the breakfast is fine (when I got up in time), but best of all it's in close proximity to the two best bars in town!

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