Applegate paintbrush (Castilleja applegatei)

Kirkwood—July, 2014

Our neighbors George and Vera invited us up to their condo at the base of the Kirkwood Ski Area for an Independence Day weekend. We enjoyed long dinners with their neighbors, and a couple of hikes.

After enjoying the captions below, you can view larger versions of the photos by clicking on them. You can see even larger versions of the photos by viewing the slideshow in full screen (F11). You can also view the photos on a map, or download the GPX or even KML tracks to fly through our hikes with Google Earth.

Hike to Showers Lake (Friday, 2014-07-04)

Lori and I have been hiking The Tahoe Rim Trail one (small) segment at a time. Because it was a 2 mile hike to the TRT and a 3.7 mile hike back from it, we only covered 2 miles of the TRT today for a total distance of 8.5 miles.

The wildflowers were amazing. There were vast fields of mule ears.

Here's a short movie of the hike.

Hike to Bryan Meadow (Saturday, 2014-07-05)

My Jeep took its maiden voyage down a rock-studded fire road today (partially seen in the "trailhead" photos). Although it wasn't strictly necessary, I tried the 4 wheel drive low and hill descent features. Very nice.

Today we covered 2.5 miles of the TRT with a total distance of 11.9 miles.

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