Lori takes a break by Pinecrest Lake

Long Barn—June, 2015

My brother John and his wife Dawn have been encouraging us to stay in his cabin in Long Barn for years. We stayed, we hiked, and loved the wilderness in which it is situated. We'll be back for more hikes in the Emigrant Wilderness and the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness.

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Hike around Pinecrest Lake and scramble up to Chloe's Bath (Friday, 2015-06-19)

We had a nice relaxing morning and got a late start. The parking lots around Pinecrest Lake were nearly full as it was Father's Day and all the kids were taking their fathers out for fishing and boating.

It was a hot day and we went through our 3 liters of water. Next time we hike on a hot day, we'll drink more before we go and add electrolytes to the water. Nonetheless, we still enjoyed the hike around the lake and the tough scramble up the boulders to Chloe's Bath.

We stopped for a nice dinner at Mia's on the way home.

Hike from John's cabin in Long Barn (Saturday, 2015-06-20)

Today we explored the mountain behind John's cabin. We were fortunate to have a GPS with us as the topo maps had roads and trails that were overgrown or otherwise absent, and we found roads and trails that were not on the map. We did some bushwhacking on a couple of occasions. And we loved it.

After a refreshing shower, we spent a very relaxing afternoon reading. Lori then treated me to a nice dinner at Talulahs in historic Sonora.

Hike around Lyons Reservoir (Sunday, 2015-06-21)

We hiked around the nearby Lyons Reservoir. It's a beautiful hike around the lake, except for the occasional off-highway vehicle (OHV). The topographic map shows a trail crossing the creek, but the trail doesn't really exist. However, there are rocks across the river at that spot. There is also a 4-wheel drive crossing by the barn, which would be a good location for a ford, which would be refreshing on a hot day. But, because of the lack of trail, the river crossing wound up to be a good, private, lunch spot.

Again, we relaxed and read in the cabin in the afternoon. We had dinner at The Eproson House in Twain Harte

John and Dawn's cabin

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