This bush decided that growing in rock wasn't optimal

Palmdale—October, 2015

I spent a few weeks in Palmdale this late summer to test my software and to support my software in a series of FIFI-LS flights aboard SOFIA. I managed to get a hike in...

You can view the photos, or download the GPX or even KML tracks to fly through my hike with Google Earth.

Hike to Burkhart Saddle (Sunday, 2015-10-18)

The Burkhart Saddle is a 14.6 mile round trip with 3,800 feet of vertical gain from the Devil's Punchbowl parking lot. While the previous weekend was in the mid-90s, it was a delightful 65 for most of the day. The hike provided lots of solitude as I didn't see a single soul after mile 2. Like many of the hikes in this region, much of the upper reaches of the trail was narrow and on a steep hill that looked like it could slide down at any moment. But if someone could do it in the winter with snow, I could certainly do it without: it was this report that inspired me to do this hike. If it's any solace, I was just as sore as he was :-). (See my post and Casey's response at the bottom.)

On to the photos!

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