The arch at the Bridge of Remembrance without scaffolding

New Zealand—June, 2016

Supported my KOSMA Translator software again in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Articles written about this deployment include:

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Christchurch City Centre (Wednesday, 2016-06-08)

The weather was good, so I took a walk around the city to see what has changed. Much has. See my trips from 2015 and 2013 and try to see the differences.

Drive to Akaroa, Lyttleton, and New Brighton (Sunday, 2016-06-12)

Six of us took an off-day for a drive. We repeated an itinerary from one of my drives last year. Because it was pouring, I kept the camera in the bag for much of the day.

We enjoyed lunch at Bully Hayes in Akaroa, a French settlement in the harbor of the same name in the Banks Peninsula. We drove through Lyttelton, a port town on the north shore of Lyttelton Harbour that was badly hit in the earthquakes of 2010 - 2011.

Finally, we stopped in New Brighton, a coastal town that was also badly hit by the earthquakes. We wandered out on the long pier and watched the surfers until we froze. We then warmed up with some tea at the Pierside Cafe.

Bridle Path Hike (Thursday, 2016-06-16)

This was a spontaneous day.

Robert, Ed, Ronan, and I piled into my car. I started the engine. I asked, where to? Ronan said the mountains. Ed said the coast. I pointed my car in a direction that would get both.

Just before we hit the tunnel to Lyttleton, we saw a sign to the Bridle Path, which is one of Christchurch's top five walks. We followed the signs, parked, and hit the trail. Straight up. It was cold and windy at the top, but there was a cafe at the top of the gondola where we could warm up before dropping back down the mountain after sunset.

We felt like having Burmese for dinner. We had heard that the Bodhi Tree had moved and been renamed, but it wasn't clear where it had gone. So we drove to the old location, read a sign on the door, and headed back into town to have a nice dinner at the Rangoon Ruby. By coincidence, Anna, Denise, Miguel, and Helmut showed up at the restaurant a few minutes after we ordered.

Drive to Hanmer Springs (Tuesday, 2016-06-21)

The Commodore Hotel exudes hospitality. They treated Maureen, Jeff, Nancy, Naru, Charlie, Edith (Chris' wife) and I to a trip to Hanmer Springs and threw in a box lunch.

Hamner Springs is a town built around many thermal pools of differing temperatures and minerals. Some had jets and some did not. Massages and steam baths are also available. Edith and I opted for a hike up the Conical Hill, while the rest went for the hot tubs and massage.

We capped off the day with wine tasting at the excellent Pegasus Bay Winery. The sommelier said that their wines should be available at Beltramo's, which is--alas--closing, and K&L liquors, so I should be able to stock up when I get home!

Stroll through Christchurch Botanic Gardens (Friday, 2016-06-24)

I went downtown to pick up a Metrocard, which is like a Clipper card for the Christchurch buses. Afterward, I took a long, leisurely stroll around the Christchurch Botanical Gardens.

Odds & Ends (June, 2016)

Room 227 in the Commodore Hotel

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