Me and Lor and the cabin

Audrey Edna Cabin —May, 2019

We were invited by POST to "beta-test" their new Audrey Edna hiker's cabin , named in honor of the mother of a significant donor to the Heart of the Redwoods campaign. This campaign helped to purchase lands including the land that contained this cabin.

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Hike to cabin (Friday, 2019-05-30)

From the Sam McDonald Park trailhead, it's a short 2 mile hike to the cabin. We dropped off much of our gear and put the perishables in the fridge and then headed off for a bit more hiking, where I picked up a tick.

Upon our return, we enjoyed some cheese and wine before cooking dinner, reading, and relaxing.

Morning in the hills (Saturday, 2019-05-31)

Although we wanted to look at stars before going to bed, there were high clouds that got in the way. During the night, I happened to wake up and found that the clouds had gone away and that the Milky Way was bright and impressive.

The next morning we ate breakfast on the benches at the edge of the hill and enjoyed the view and watched the fog recede before heading back down the hill.

Enjoying a hot coffee on a cold morning
Photo by Lori Heyman

The wispy morning fog recedes

Me and Lor (much more heavily dressed) and the cabin

Tidy tips
Layia platyglossa

The Sierra Club hiker's hut just down the trail

The Grinch of the Heritage Grove

More sword ferns and redwood sorrel
Polysticheum munitum and Oxalis oregana

Some very nice mushrooms!

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