The sun peeks behind the tower

Mt. Umunhum—March, 2022

Ever since the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (Midpen) incorporated the Mt. Umunhum area into its Sierra Azul preserve in 2017, Lori and I have wanted to visit it. We did it today!

Having heard that the parking lot can fill up, we arrived at the mid-level parking lot at 9 on Friday. There were 7 cars, and the parking lot held about 20, so we were good. By the time we got back to the parking lot at 2, there were still quite a few spots open, so mid-week is a good time to come here.

Since the trail was recently opened, the facilities and trails were in lovely shape. We ascended up through the oak woodlands, and I tried to remember some of the Ohlone names for the local flora.

On a clear day the four highest peaks in the Bay Area you can see from here include:

  1. Mt. Hamilton, at 4,265 ft.
  2. Mt. Diablo, at 3,849 ft.
  3. Mt. Umunhum, at 3,489 ft. We didn't have to look very far to see it as we had lunch on the peak.
  4. Mt. Tamalpais, at 2,579 ft.
We saw them all!

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