The Capitol Reflecting Pool earns its name in this shot that Lori will use when she runs for US Senator

Washington, DC—May, 2024

I was invited to attend and speak at the Software for the NASA Science Mission Directorate Workshop 2024 at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC. Since I had only been in Washington once, I took the opportunity to do some sight-seeing before and after the workshop. Lori joined me.

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An evening at the Capitol (Sunday, 2024-05-05)

Upon arrival, we met up with a friend of Lori's at Ambar in Barracks Row and took the long way back to the hotel.

A stroll around the Mall (Monday, 2024-05-06)

Today we walked around the National Mall and Memorial Parks. In the map at right, I missed the first mile walking from the Holiday Inn to the Art and Soul restaurant where we had breakfast, so add 1 mile to the total stroll.

Day 1 of the workshop (Tuesday, 2024-05-07)

Lori got on a train to Philadelphia to hang out with her sister while I attended the workshop. I won't subject you to photos of the software workshop, but I've included a couple of photos from our dining experience down on the waterfront.

Day 2 of the workshop (Wednesday, 2024-05-08)

Day 3 of the workshop (Thursday, 2024-05-09)

After the conclusion of the workshop, I met Lori at Union Station.

A day at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History (Friday, 2024-05-10)

We started the day by visiting the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, but we found that they issued (free) timed entry passes, and the passes for the day were already gone.

So, we ended up at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History from when they opened their doors to when they announced that they were closing (10 - 5). There are heaps of things to see here!

A visit to the National Gallery of Art before flying home (Saturday, 2024-05-11)

We had a late flight, so we thought we could get in an hour or two at the National Gallery of Art before heading to the airport.

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