Crew of Shenanigans

HDA #3, #4 Knox (SYC) (2005-04-16)

Photos Copyright © 2005 Nick Larson.

Bill and Jami in happier days

Bill on foredeck--look out!

Bill and Jami think heavy thoughts

Jami, Bill, and seagull

Spinnaker douse: foredeck gets the sail wet, the afterguard laughs

Lori and Dave concentrating on their sail trim

Lori and Greg concentrate on their sail trim

Marc and Dave relax after the race

Marc and Nick, who brings us youth and enthusiasm (and photos!)

HDA #1, #2 Vallejo Season Opener (VYC) (2005-04-30 - 2005-05-01)

Photo Copyright © 2005 Mariah's Eyes.

Look ma, no hands!

Look ma, no hands!

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