dive: 4


dive: 6

dive #: 5 date: 18 August 1993 time: 19:00

   Hook Island, AU / Stonehaven Cove

max. depth: 8.1 m
dive time: 29 min


First Night Dive!

Boat: Banjora

Weather good, light breeze.
Water smooth.

It wasn't as dark as I expected. In general, it was hard to concentrate on things and colors. Bouyancy at night is tougher--always trying not to hit coral.

octopus, purplish
parrot fish, bright green and other colors, most colorful item of the evening
bright yellow, like lacy anenomies (diagram)
lots of giant clams, boring clams with beautiful colored lips, green, blue, etc.

Layed on backs and watched the stars w/Fanny on the swim back to the boat.

surf: 3:00
no deco: in A, out G

buddy: Fanny Coebergh, Peter Law


visibility: 5.0 m
water temp.: 22 C
air temp.: 17 C
current: none
workload: resting


suit: Short-sleeved Shorty ( 0 lbs)

weight notes:

tank 1: air ( AIuminum 80 ( 84 liter aluminium) @ 214 bar - 0 bar)


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dive: 4


dive: 6