dive: 34


dive: 36

dive #: 35 date: 13 October 1996 time: 10:28

   Monterey, CA / Monastery North

max. depth: 36.0 m
dive time: 43 min


First Dive with New Equipment

Weather sunny except for brief fog end of dive.
Sea calm.
S: seal

Almost high tide.
Great visibility.
Entered to far right of north side of beach. Nice easy entry. Smooth descent down to wall which dropped into infinity.

huge (1-2 m) sun star
dungeness crab
sheephead crabs (2, 30 cm)
white, orange nudibranch (10 cm)

Harbor seal swimming between fins for free back rub.
Saw about 6 altogether.
Another closeup (1 m) and another nibbled on my fin after getting a belly rub from Ken.
Our 2nd seal started eating a egg yolk jellyfish after we left, along with some sheephead juveniles.

surf: -
no deco: 4
avg: 15.1

buddy: Ken Mayer


visibility: 15.0 m
water temp.: 13 C
air temp.: 23 C
current: none
workload: resting


suit: Body Glove Nozip ( 0 lbs)

weight notes:
computer: Suunto Favor

tank 1: air ( Steel 72 ( 0 liter steel) @ 170 bar - 0 bar)


  depth     time     runtime     gas  

dive: 34


dive: 36