dive: 40


dive: 42

dive #: 41 date: 24 May 1997 time: 8:30

   Monterey, CA / Monastery North

max. depth: 0.0 m
dive time: 0 min


Scuba Rescue
New Steel 72 Tanks

Weather sunny.
Sea calm.

3 tows (find push, dosido, behind)
3 tows in kelp
Extraction. Carry out of water: overhead drag, crab crawl.
Dive without weights.
Could just barely do it, but touched bottom.

Rescue, gear strip (at depth).
Tow to shore (twice).
Edward dropped my mask. Frank said to drop and drift with tide and you may roll over it. We found it.
Skin diver rescue w/assistant.
2 person carry up beach.

First dive with new (old) steel 72 tanks.
Weighted with 20 lbs. Heavy initially. Don't know how it would be when out of air.

buddy: Ken Mayer


visibility: 2.0 m
water temp.: 14 C
air temp.: 22 C
current: none
workload: resting


suit: Body Glove Nozip ( 20 lbs)

weight notes:
computer: Suunto Favor

tank 1: air ( Steel 72 ( 0 liter steel) @ 170 bar - 0 bar)


  depth     time     runtime     gas  

dive: 40


dive: 42