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dive #: 44 date: 26 May 1997 time: 9:49

   Monterey, CA / Que Paso Pinnacle

max. depth: 26.2 m
dive time: 33 min


Boat: Cypress Sea

Weather sunny.
Sea calm, swell.

First boat dive out of Monterey. Worth every penny. Vis great. Lots of life. Boat diving a breeze.
"Captain Phil" is Phil Sammett, who went to La Entrada, Woodside.
Shared air training while ascending to safety stop.

California hydrocoral (stylaster californicus)
white-plumed anemone (metridium giganteum, lots on southern wall)
strawberry anemones (gobs)
feather duster worms (eudistylia polymorpha)
blue-ring top snail (calliostoma annulatum)
chestnut cowry (cyraea spadicea, a great find, descended right on it, only one we saw)

surf: -
no deco: 20
ss: 3@5
avg: 16.7

buddy: Ken Mayer


visibility: 12.0 m
water temp.: 14 C
air temp.: 30 C
current: none
workload: resting


suit: Body Glove Nozip ( 20 lbs)

weight notes:
computer: Suunto Favor

tank 1: air ( AIuminum 80 ( 84 liter aluminium) @ 214 bar - 0 bar)


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dive: 43


dive: 45