dive: 158


dive: 160

dive #: 159 date: 2 June 2007 time: 10:03

   Monterey, CA / Shale Island

max. depth: 17.2 m
dive time: 52 min


Surprisingly nice dive. First time out on the shale beds. Lots of corynactus, lemon and white nudibranchs. Lots of color on a low shelf. Navy anchor w/chain. Clown nudibranch, 2 shark/skate egg sacs.
Nice, mellow dive after a long break.
Plenty of air and bottom time left; got cold.

Blew off second dive and went whale watching. Mom and calf breacing, nearly out of the water. Got close enough to hear them breathe. Very cool. Overcast, but welcome flat seas.

17 no deco
14.1 m avg

buddy: Glenn Davis


visibility: 5.0 m
water temp.: 12 C
air temp.: 15 C
current: none
workload: resting


suit: Mobby's Armor Shell Pro ( 24 lbs)

weight notes: Good w/lt fleece
computer: Suunto Favor

tank 1: air ( Steel 100 ( 100 liter steel) @ 240 bar - 60 bar)


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dive: 158


dive: 160