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Grant Grove, Kings Canyon--September 4, 2008

We left Thursday morning, after rush hour and after Labor Day. Traffic was light. We gassed up and ate on Clovis Ave. in the outskirts of Fresno. That provided us with enough gas to get up to Grant Grove, drive down to Sequoia NP, up to Kings Canyon, and back.

When we arrived in Grant Grove in Kings Canyon National Park, the air was noticeably thin. We checked into our Honeymoon Cabin—a hundred-year-old cabin that was said to be used as a stop for the pony express—and then took an easy hike to acclimate to the elevation.

We then got on the Grant Tree trail. There be big-ass sequoias here! We walked through a burnt-out corpse of a goliath. We also saw a small black bear on the way back.

Upon our return, we drove up to the Panoramic Point parking lot and walked the quarter mile to the point. It's a beautiful spot at sunset!

We checked out the campgrounds here. They are hilly and dusty, but not too crowded. Like Yosemite, the bathrooms don't have showers, but showers are available.

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