Bill and Lori with General Sherman

Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon--September 5, 2008

My neck hurt by the end of the day.

There are truckloads (oops) of sequoias in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. And after spending an entire day looking at the tops of every last one of them, you can't help but have a bit of neck pain.

But first, we went to Crystal Cave. On the road leading to the cave's parking lot, we saw a bear cub in a bush eating berries. The bush hardly seemed able to support a bear! From the parking lot, it was a nice half-mile hike down to the cave's entrance through—get this—poison oak, bay laurel, and live oak. I thought I was back home! Turns out we saw the cave just in time: a wildfire started in the region just five days later and they closed the cave for the season.

On the way to Moro Rock, we saw another bear eating berries in a bush, but it scampered off before Lori could snap a shot.

We saw the General Sherman tree, the largest tree (by volume) in the world, and part of the Giant Forest. We took the Congress Trail to see other giants named after presidents, generals, and houses of government. We left the paved trail to take in Circle Meadow which we had all to ourselves.

Saw our third bear of the day on the way to Stony Creek Pizza. Pretty good pizza. I didn't get a single good shot of the bear, so I'll leave you with five fuzzy shots.

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