The Glymur falls at 200 m are the tallest falls in Iceland

Thingvellir, Glymur, Iceland—August, 2013

Stroll around Thingvellir (Wednesday, 2013-08-28)

First, we strolled around Thingvellir which "housed" (outdoors) the Icelandic parliament for a thousand years.

Hike to Glymur falls (Wednesday, 2013-08-28)

Our final 4.5 mi hike was to the Glymur waterfall. At 200 m, it is Iceland's tallest waterfall. It didn't rain!!!

After the hike, we drove back down to Reykjavík, where we had a nice farewell dinner. The next day, we soaked in the hot water of the Blue Lagoon before flying home. I didn't bring my camera, so please follow the link for pictures.

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