Nancy and Jody recite their vows

Jody & Nancy's Wedding, Hawaii—December, 2008

Lori walked downtown to absorb the sights and sounds of Old Lahaina, including a hula show under the banyan tree by a group of young girls. Meanwhile, I kept vigil back at the B&B and read.

My serenity was shattered by an emergency phone call to deliver Nancy's veil to the condo where the girls were all getting their hair done. Mission accomplished, I drove into town where I met a starving Lori for lunch at Kimo's.

The other long-planned mission of the day was to deliver the wedding dress to the house where the wedding ceremony was to occur.

As it turns out, this was the home of Bob Longhi, the owner of Longhi's restaurant in town (which Ken and I hit a few times years before). The food was of course catered by Longhi's and did not disappoint.

But before indulging in food and grog, Nancy and Jody got married! The ceremony was short and sweet, it was next to the beach, and we got to wear shorts. This was one of the best weddings I have ever attended!

After dinner, the dancers danced and the drinkers drank and everyone made merry. Later, the plywood and tablecloth came off of the presentation area for the wedding cake and the poolers pooled.

The Guests Gather

Jody and Nancy Get Hitched!

Let the Festivities Commence!

The Feast Ensues

Dancing Breaks Out

You can see these photos in a slideshow (and there are a lot more photos in the slideshow that are included here), view them on a map, or download the GPS track.

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