Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii—December, 2008

We had our first lazy day on Sunday. We read by the pool, we bought sandwiches and headed back out to Airport Beach for some more reading, snorkeling, and swimming. Then back to the B&B for some hot-tubbing. Finally, we caught dinner at Aloha Mixed Plate again.

During the night, my stomach felt a bit strange...

I awoke and threw up.

No matter, we had to make an early drive to the airport Monday morning to catch an early plane to the big island of Hawaii. We bagged a muffin and yogurt before we left and I managed to eat them at the airport and didn't feel too awful. But around half-way through the flight, I started feeling nauseous again, I felt really hot, and I began to sweat profusely. I grabbed an air sickness bag just in case, but fortunately, did not have to use it.

Once we claimed our bags, I collapsed on a bench while Lori rented the car. While I made a meager attempt to doze in the car, Lori drove on to the Kilauea Lodge, which used to be a YMCA camp in the 80s before Albert Jeyte bought the place. Albert was a make-up artist for the Magnum P.I. series and met his soon-to-be wife Lorna at a party following his Emmy for his work. They returned to Hawaii and fired the cook soon after they converted the YMCA camp into a B&B. Albert then flew off to France to learn how to cook and he's been the head chef ever since.

But that didn't stop me from throwing up in the restaurant's bathroom when we arrived.

Our room wasn't yet ready, so I slept in the back seat while Lori drove and walked around Volcanoes National Park. Once the room was ready, Lori plopped me into bed and then explored some more on her own.

I slept until the next morning.

On Tuesday morning, I tried a bite of pancakes to see if I could keep that down. I then slept the rest of the morning while Lori went out exploring. In the afternoon, I managed to do a little reading and take in a hot tub between naps. And go out to dinner with Lori. And eat it!

We awoke to rain Wednesday morning. It was a perfect day for reading in bed.

But after a couple of hours, the rain broke and we drove up to various viewpoints around the crater and later caught some lunch at the Volcano House. Exhausted, I asked to be plopped back in bed and Lori went off for some more exploring. Upon her return, we hit the hot tub.

That evening we treated ourselves to a scrumptious Christmas Eve dinner at the lodge's restaurant: a fitting ending to a marvelous trip.

Kilauea Lodge

Kilauea Caldera

Kilauea Iki

Chain of Craters Road

Walking in the Rain Forest

And now, for something completely different. These are 10-second exposures taken while driving on Crater Rim Drive, coming back from the Jagger Museum after an evening of stargazing! Just to be clear, I wasn't driving, Lori was!

You can see these photos in a slideshow, view them on a map, or download the GPS tracks for Tuesday or Wednesday.

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