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dive #: 140 date: 10 December 2005 time: 10:05

   Monterey, CA / McAbee Beach

max. depth: 17.2 m
dive time: 47 min


Dove with Paul Quinn, Scott Zongker, Scott Brown, and Peter Satitpunwaycha at McAbee so folks back home could test Les' new camera.

Weather topside was beautiful. Water was calm and cool (12 C). Viz was a couple of meters in shallow but opened up to a respectable 10 meters below 10 meters. Surge was pretty strong, and by the end of the day the surf was breaking over the washrocks but the beach exit was still safe.

We swam due north towards the red channel marker until we hit a bunch of rocks with some small metridiums and corynactus. Peter was freediving as usual and trying out a new camera.

See http://www.newt.com/wohler/events/monterey-2005/.

Saw a couple of bat rays. A couple of friendly harbor seals escorted us during the dive and a sea lion buzzed us.

no deco 38 min
avg 10.7 m

buddy: Scott Brown


visibility: 5.0 m
water temp.: 12 C
air temp.: 16 C
current: light
workload: light


suit: Mobby's Armor Shell Pro ( 20 lbs)

weight notes: Light

tank 1: air ( Steel 100 ( 100 liter steel) @ 240 bar - 70 bar)


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dive: 139


dive: 141